In Facebook terms, Monsieur Guerlain is a Community. It describes quite precisely the spirit in which this website and the accompanying Facebook page have been created and maintained. An important part of the insights, news and images offered here comes directly from you, the followers and readers, all of whom I owe gratitude. Your passion and discernment in relation to Guerlain and its perfumes is admirable and inspiring.

Perfume lovers are curious about why and how a single perfume house can be the focus of interest of someone who has a passion for perfume. To explain this, I need to reveal that I don't have a passion for perfume but for Guerlain, i.e. the conglomerate of historic significance and detail, olfactive and visual richness, and artistic and cultural consciousness that this old house represents. For someone with a Scandinavian background like myself, Guerlain, unlike any other perfume brand, is a fascinating window into French elegance, grandeur, gaiety and sensuality.

When I set up this website in 2006, it was from a wish to reinforce the knowledge and awareness of Guerlain, which in my view left much to be desired at that time, even on Guerlain's own official channels. Since then, Guerlain has improved its website and entered the social media, but many important stories remain untold. One of the latest examples is Thierry Wasser's re-created vintage Guerlains and his explanations of raw materials.

To many longtime followers of Guerlain, an era was forever over when Jean-Paul Guerlain left the company and Thierry Wasser took over perfume creation. For a moment I felt the same, but it has been an enormous relief to witness the enthusiasm that Wasser holds for the Guerlain patrimony and soul. His efforts in restoring the classics, while trying to keep the Guerlain brand engaging to a still more diffuse and cynical market, is very touching.

What is touching too is to find my enthusiasm shared and broadened on this page. I sincerely hope that you will all keep on commenting, informing and sharing. Without it, this place would be pointless. Guerlain is a puzzle, and together we're putting the pieces together. See Monsieur Guerlain's Facebook page